• You are a young person considering what you want to do with your life, what you want to study, and what career you want to pursue.
    • You are searching for guidance and clarity as you explore possible careers, make a decision, and create a plan. Your goal is to have confidence that you are pursuing a career that is right for you. A career that supports you in achieving your most meaningful work and life goals.
  • You are preparing for retirement and seeking clarity and alignment around what you want to pursue in this next chapter of your life.
      • Your goal is to identify your purpose, align to your core values, and choose how you can best add value. You want to leverage your hard-won knowledge, experience, and wisdom to be a positive force for good in your golden years.
  • You are unhappy in your job, uncertain about what else you might want to do or could do, and are looking for guidance.
    • You aim to take stock, gain clarity, and determine your next steps. Your ultimate goal: a career that fits you, your purpose, and your values. You want to find a career you enjoy- one that allows you to add value by tapping into your greatest strengths and talents. A career where you are paid well for doing what you do best.

Next steps – Moving forward

If you are interested in learning more about career coaching with me, then please reach out to let me know more about you and your goals. We can then schedule a complimentary discovery session to introduce ourselves and for you to share more details with me about your situation and what goals you hope to achieve through coaching.

I look forward to discussing how I can best support you!

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