As your coach, I meet you where you are. I listen carefully, giving you my undivided attention. You will feel heard – truly heard – as well as understood and supported. I will listen to what you’re saying – as well as what you’re not saying. I will ask questions to help us explore your situation and dig deeper. I will help you make sense of all the thoughts and feelings swirling around inside you, which can often feel confusing and overwhelming. Our work will help you feel relieved and more peaceful as you gain greater clarity.

My goal is to shift your perspective and way of thinking, helping you to come up with fresh ideas and strategies on how to best achieve your goal(s). Together we will break through your blocks and cultivate a more empowering mindset. I will help you take aligned action to move from where you currently are to where you dream of being.

My coaching practice is underpinned by the ‘person-centered’/humanistic approach, founded by Dr. Carl Rogers (1980). The approach respects and honors the self-determination and self-actualization of human beings. This means that a person is the best expert on his/her life and situation and that people naturally want to grow and improve, being the best they can be. I believe that each person has a unique set of talents, strengths, and skills, and is capable of reaching his or her full potential. My job as your coach is to see your unique gifts and potential, help you recognize and embrace them too, and help you unlock your full potential as you journey toward becoming your absolute best.

As the coachee, you will choose the goal you hope to achieve from our coaching work together. In each of our sessions, you will bring the topic you wish to focus on, and you will set the desired goal for us to achieve in that session. As your coach, I will help you refine the goal into one that is realistic, specific and achievable. Together we will explore your current situation and any blocks you may be facing. Next, we will consider different ideas of how to move you forward. Finally, I will guide you as you select the next action or actions that you will take to move that next step closer to your ultimate goal.

Does this coaching process sound like just what you need? Are you already starting to feel hopeful and excited? If so, then please contact me [link] so we can get in touch and discuss how to best move you toward that goal you are dreaming of achieving!

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