How to be Happier in your Current Job while Moving toward the Career of your Dreams

  • Do you feel unhappy, or even downright miserable, in your current job? Imagine that you could break free and find an ideal career for yourself – a career that felt natural and authentic to you, and actually allowed you to look forward to your work.

    What’s inside the book?
  • Learn how to be happier and cope better in your current job by implementing small, concrete steps to improve your current situation
  • Go from feeling completely miserable and overwhelmed to applying emergency first-aid strategies to help you survive and stabilize so that you can begin to consider your next steps
  • Gain clarity around what is bothering you in your current job by learning what careers research has identified as the top six areas of job satisfaction or dissatisfaction
  • Find out how to take your biggest pain point at work and use it to improve your situation
  • Learn tips for dealing with common work challenges such as a difficult boss, toxic people, or an overwhelming workload
  • Use your current job as a learning opportunity to better understand what you like and don’t like – and to help you be wiser in choosing your next job so that it is a better fit
  • Explore considerations around choosing to leave or stay in a job that makes you unhappy and discover tips to help you prepare your exit strategy
  • Understand the power of your mindset, attitude, and choices – and learn how they can help you be happier in your work
  • Learn techniques and exercises to help you gain a better understanding of your ideal career